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opurbo c
Aug 03, 2022
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Do you want your future customers to feel safe before buying digital products? If you do, you need to make them feel optimistic about their buying decision, and one of the best ways to ensure this is to provide them with support available 24/7 for digital products. This is especially important if you offer SaaS services. If you don't guarantee that something goes wrong, no one will choose your high-quality web application. A simple contact form, a chat box or a ticketing system will all work, depending on the Latest Mailing Database complexity of the problem and the solution. Regardless, it's to your advantage to stay connected to your customers 24/7/365, because let's face it, many of your competitors already do. 6. Use only the best extensions Last but not least, you should take advantage of the best add-ons from EDD's extended catalog to further increase your digital product sales: Software Licensing : Provides a complete solution for selling software license keys. Recurring Payments : Recurring subscriptions that allow store owners to sell digital products. Front-End Submission : Transform your store into a fully functional multi-vendor marketplace. Commissions : Make it easy for store owners to track the revenue of product suppliers. Free Downloads : Bypassing the standard checkout process makes it easier to buy free products. Zapier : Automate your store by connecting Easy Digital Downloads with over 700 other web services and products. Reviews : Allows customers to leave reviews and feedback on purchased products. Recommended Products : Increase revenue by showing customers recommendations for other products to buy based on actual sales data. Content Restrictions : Site owners can restrict access to page content to paying customers. MailChimp : Connect your store to a MailChimp account so you can easily subscribe your customers to email lists based on what they buy. AWeber : Connect your store to your AWeber account so you can easily subscribe your customers to email lists based on what they're buying. Amazon S3 : Lets you securely host files on Amazon S3 for more reliable and secure file delivery. Dropbox File Store : Lets you securely host your files in your Dropbox account for more reliable and secure file transfers. If the official extension directory isn't enough, you can even find your favorite EDD extensions in the 3rd Party Extensions page, which you can access here.
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opurbo c

opurbo c

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